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[18:32:07] Джейди-тян:
Я никогда раньше специально не интересовался мышлением ТУКовецев и им подобных. А те, что попадались на моем пути случайно, частенько имели очень прямолинейное мышление. Обычные пешки в игре других, более сильных. Даже Фостер, и тот тянул разве что на слона. Не достаточно туп, чтобы быть пешкой, но мыслям все равно не хватало гибкости, вперед лезла убежденность, а не осознанность. Нэрн же, пожалуй, могли бы стать конем, а то и ладьей, в рамках одной заданной структуры. Дрянь, конечно, как и большинство, кто работает на ТУК, но менее зашоренная, осмысленная в своих действиях. И от того куда более опасная.
[18:32:17] Rielite Ri: слон моя любимая фигура! ненавижу их разменивать )
[18:37:03] Джейди-тян: но он все равно ходит только по-диагонали. более сложные или разнообразные варианты ему недоступны.
[18:37:30] Rielite Ri: по-моему, Фостер - ладья )) сила есть, а изящества маловато! :Ь
[18:37:44] Джейди-тян: он не может делать рокировку. я его в этом не представляю.
[18:37:56] Rielite Ri: рокировка - это функция короля :Ь
[18:38:04] Джейди-тян: но она в ней участвует
[18:38:18] Rielite Ri: если не использовалась прежде в других целях ))
[18:38:31] Джейди-тян: ну это да
[18:38:37] Джейди-тян: но все равно она посильнее слона, на мой взгляд
[18:38:43] Джейди-тян: хотя это оценочность, конечно
[18:38:46] Rielite Ri: так что Фостер не может рокировку делать, как задействованная ладья!
[18:38:54] Rielite Ri: она сильнее! но не изящней, я ж говорю )))
[18:38:57] Джейди-тян: а, да, есть такое
[18:38:59] Джейди-тян: аааам
[18:39:01] Джейди-тян: ну может быть
[18:39:07] Джейди-тян: скорее уж она тогда конь
[18:39:11] Rielite Ri: (sun) :добилась для Нэрн слона, довольна:
[18:39:11] Джейди-тян: про коня я тоже думала
[18:39:15] Джейди-тян: коня добилась
[18:39:16] Rielite Ri: (angel)
[18:39:17] Джейди-тян: слона - нет
[18:39:21] Джейди-тян: слишком однообразны они
[18:40:10] Rielite Ri: конь фигура шаблонная! можно с ним хитрые ходы создавать, но - он или в одну сторону, или в другую, и все )))))) это должен быть убежденный мутантоненавистник с мозгами )))))
[18:40:20] Джейди-тян: (facepalm)
[18:40:27] Джейди-тян: обсуди с конфликтной квадрой шахматы!


@темы: It takes two



“Four of us. You can include Chopper, officially, in your list of those ‘in the know.’”

“Wait… Chopper already knows?!”

Ezra laughs hoarsely, the sound edging dangerously near a giggle. “Chopper knew before anyone else did, Kanan! He figured it out awhile ago apparently, and only told me that he did know when the two of us went shopping together in town at the market yesterday morning. The karking sadist literally dropped that truth bomb on me as I was stepping off a curb and made me go ass over elbows.”

“Chopper *knew?!*” Kanan emphasizes dangerously.

Ezra side-eyes him, his voice going fauxly unconcerned. “Ehhh…It’s technically probably more honest to say that he strongly *suspected* that I was outside of my own timeline. He asked me for confirmation of his nearly ninety-five point something or other percent probable suspicion, which I confirmed by landing pretty much on my face.”

Kanan bares his teeth. “The next time that I see him, I swear to Force that over-paid useless Databank is dead!”

Ezra half laughs, half shudders at the nickname, squeezing Kanan’s closer forearm. “Oh come on Master – to be fair, he did help you all corral me soon after, after a couple hours of alcohol-assisted interrogation. Granted I bought the tongue loosener in question all on my own. Which come to think of it is probably the real reason he decide to drive me out there. Though admittedly yes, he probably didn’t want me driving under the influence.”

“Dead.” Kanan growls out. “Dead, buried and then he goes to HERA.”

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Kanan snorts, "Wow ...do you want me to like grab you a towel there, Kid? While you literally drown yourself in your own self-pity, I mean? Because I have to tell you - the constant whining is seriously starting to grate on me."

Ezra clenches his fists "You have no idea what you're talking about right now Kanan, so just SHUT THE KARK UP ABOUT IT ALREADY."

Kanan snorts, “Ezra, nobody in Karabast creation knows this particular sob story better than I do. You’re basically the new and not improved edition of my own past to speak plainly. You start out walking a road for awhile because it’s yours and it’s where you belong, until suddenly it turns brutal and ugly and costs what you think is too much, so you run, and you drown yourself in intoxicants for a decade or so until you suddenly wake up to discover that surprise, surprise - you are still who you have always been no matter how much you might want to run from the truth of it - the path is still there and it's still yours to walk, only now on top of being a wreck you've also wasted ten years on nothing that could have been spent on *actual* healing.”

Kanan takes another sip of his drink. "Yes, I know...it hurts like hell to endure what you have -I'm not going to claim otherwise, but guess what, if you're actively running away from your life instead towards, it *is* still just a big pity party, and it will stay that way until the day you stop hiding and start actually dealing with the necessary.”

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They do find the needed parts with virtually no effort at all. Ezra waits for Chopper to finish browsing the tables and then pays for what he needs before he walks with the droid to the nearest end street of the bazaar - pointing out to the grasslands in the distance. "That right there is your fastest and easiest route back to The Ghost and the rest of the Specters. Unless you needed anything else before you leave." The droid whirs and madly twirls his arms in both directions. Then he whips out his electro-prod and shocks Ezra again – clearly motioning to his backpack. Ezra sighs deeply, "Chopper I do not need a lecture at the moment. Go home. Like I already said I'll be back in time for my dosing later this evening."

There's a momentary pause, before Ezra's jaw literally drops open as Chopper reaches into his parts bag and produces a ...kriffing pair of beautiful hand carved Lotholian shot glasses? He blinks a few times. "Chopper you're a droid, Buddy. You don't actually drink."

Chopper opens his bag again and then shoves a small canister of crude oil at him, then he stretches out his electro-prod again, as if in warning.

Ezra raises his hands up, "All right, all right, I hear you. You want to come along then n,o I'm not going to try and stop you. So long as you promise me the same thing. I will take company but not judgement of any kind at the moment."

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#Я в сложных ситуациях

“Then what are you going to do now, in response to what amounts to Ezra's literal defection?”

“…I thought I’d start by just talking to the individual or individuals in question and explaining the situation. Preferably as calmly and as rationally as I can manage.”

“As opposed to?”

“Getting out my saber and swinging it around like the deranged lunatic most of me wants to be at the moment.”

Hera raises an eyebrow at that. “Is there something that you want to share with the rest of the class about your current mental status, My Love, or was that just a colloquial over-exaggeration?”

Kanan lets out a hoarse laugh. “Right now, Hera where Ezra is concerned I am actually much less of a rational then the rest of you are - I'm just fully aware it's a problem and trying not to let things get too out of hand."


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Ну и до кучи.

“A change in strategy?” Hera raises her eyebrow at him.

“Hera everything is either a battle or a game for that kid. What's more he gets more unpredictable and off-kilter as the stakes he's playing for also get higher and riskier, which is why I think, that we’ve officially moved from him ignoring the elephant in the room to him actively trying to eliminate it via sudden death.”

Hera blinks. “Huh. I hadn’t really thought of it that way.”

“Yeah well, you weren’t *meant* to, now were you? That little speech of Ezra’s only really works if you automatically assign him the entire moral high ground in the wake of that little smackdown he gave you, instead of simply acknowledging that yes, in that one smaller line of discussion he had some points that deserved acknowledgement. Moral authority in one small portion of life does not equate to moral authority in all areas though, no matter how much automatically dipping your head to an opponent who’s smacked you silly in round one is a natural thing for most of us to do.”

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Soo true (2)

Hera shrugs. “I guess that I’m just currently trying to figure out why…”


“Why Ezra, in particular, seems to have this profound an effect on you." She puts her mug down for a moment, rotating her head on her neck to make the muscles pop. "I mean sure, Sabine has been onboard the Ghost for well over a year now – and her presence has always seemed -I don’t know stabilizing? Or something like it. Mentorship brings out your better side, Kanan. But Ezra especially has only been here three weeks now, Love - and his presence has accelerated the process of personal growth in you to a degree that’s a little bit terrifying.”

Kanan snorts. “Nine words for you, Hera: Lots and lots and lots and lots of *meditation.* Fueled by lots of and lots of bratty kid stubbornness and attitude. You do what you have to to stay sane.”

“Oh is that all?” Hera mutters, as dry as a desert.

Kanan shrugs, “It’s harder to miss the obvious when you’re regularly forced into periods of prolonged self-reflection. Well unless you’re being deliberately stubborn or stupid or blind to unfolding patterns in your life anyway. Master Depa used to call it the power of daily mindfulness.”

“So what you’re essentially saying, Kanan Jarrus, is that all our years of blatant workaholism basically kept you so distracted that they enabled your long-running flirtation with immaturity by giving you excuses not to sit down and deal with your kriff?”

Kanan winces at the words. “Well, that’s not the kindest way to put it, Hera, but essentially, yes.”

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Sooo true

“Honestly, Syndulla? I was trying as politely as I possibly could to just tell you guys to get lost. You didn't want to hear the message though. I mean the five of us barely knew each other...”

Hera frowns, “And now that you've lived with us for more than a week and have had the chance to get to know all five of us better?”

“You’re decent people enough people Hera, I'm really not saying otherwise, but I’m still not interested in buying any of what you’re specifically selling. ”

“Considering how briefly we've talked about it Ezra, how can you be so sure of that?”

“Because I know your *type* Hera Syndulla, okay? I’ve already lived through two rounds of being typecast as the future martyr’s assistant? And honestly? I have no interest in even auditioning for a round three. That particular role never ever ends well for me."

Hera jerks as if slapped. "We're not martyrs Ezra."

"No. Right now you're basically zealots. But you'll get there in time unless something changes. I know the signs and the patterns like the back of my hand. And I can't afford to be in that blast zone again, speaking frankly. Not when round two of that life left me with the hole in my head I’m going to be living with for the rest of my life because I missed the blast zone that killed my master by less than three feet. Never mind that I’d have preferred to just go with him. Round one was just slightly less awful, it left me alone at seven on the street. As I said I've been invited to this ball before and it always, *always* ends badly.“

“Ezra,” Hera tries to protest, clearly upset by his words, but Ezra just cuts her off: he isn't done speaking his piece yet. He's had days to plan this speech, after all and he needs this amputation to be neat, clean and most of all deep.

“Sacrifice is a noble path, isn't that what you implied earlier Syndulla? 'If the only life you fight for is your own than your own life means nothing?' Right? Only the funny thing about that philosophy is that in my experience the people who say stuff like that the loudest are usually the ones who are most eager to die and leave everyone else around them to shoulder the real work of *living.*"

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Когда автор ценит Зеба, это очень, очень хороший автор!

"Welcome back kid. We’ve been waiting on you. Y' hungry?"

A gruff male voice on one side of his bed makes him startle so badly he nearly hits his head on the overhead light. Ezra turns fuzzily and finds one Garazeb Orrelios sitting beside him in a chair, peeling several yogun out of their thick skins carefully. His face lacks any of its previous irritation. There is no anger, no sarcasm, no lingering malice. There is just, Force Damn him to hell, a gentle knowing kind of sympathy.

"Kill me." Ezra mutters under his breath. "Like seriously. Just kill me."

Because, yes, Zeb is occasionally hot-tempered, and Ezra knows better than anyone else in the galaxy where his buttons are located at, but he also knows that there is literally no bottom to Zeb's potential pool of empathy when the older Male is faced by real suffering, and if his former roommate has discovered from Sabine and Hera that that 'annoying bratty kid' who’s been yanking his fur repeatedly is actually just a former Jedi Padawan who had recently lost his own entire family, well then Garazeb Orellios, who already feels guilty about what happened on the Star Destroyer, is going to make "becoming Ezra's close friend and confidant" his personal duty. Forever.

So kill Ezra right now. Just kill him. Seriously.

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Kindness is often mistaken for softness and let me tell you, friends….that is a mistake you don’t want to make. {x}


@темы: Everything other


А Канан знает, что Эзра был падаваном, но не знает, у кого. И про себя называет его учителя NSA (Narcissistic Sociopathic Asshole). Любить.

@темы: Those Lucas Heirs


Ну и кто первым догадался, что Эзра путешественник? Ну конечно же Чоппер!

Счааааааастье такие фики и такие авторы.

@темы: Those Lucas Heirs


Тайм-тревелы дошли до Ребелсов, вернули Эзру в прошлое отчитывать Канана. Birthday comes early!! :jump4:


'Because you are a kid!' Kanan wants to yell back for a moment, frustrated, but he doesn't. Because he understands that from Ezra's perspective, his current argument is not only logical but completely and utterly valid. Never mind the fact that survival after abandonment in childhood and the attainment of actual adult maturity are two separate and very different sorts of things.

"Force...you're such a hypocrite about it all too. You always act like I'm the only one who's lying or skulking around behind people's back or otherwise hiding things." Ezra scoffs aloud, "Let me tell you: if I'm the pot then you're a full sized kettle, Kanan Jarrus."

Kanan jerks his head up taking an involuntary step closer, "And what the Sith Hells is that supposed to mean?!"

Ezra just raises an eloquent eyebrow. "Hera." He says the name bluntly.

Kanan just stands there a moments, fist clenching.

Ezra takes a step of his own closer. "I mean after all, Kanan, how chatty have you gotten about your past to her - or Sabine or any of the others, because I'm not guessing that you haven't exactly spilled a whole ton of painful details have you? Even though in Hera's case you two are literally sharing a bed. Well kriff if I owe you the same kind of full disclosure, Kanan, when I've known you for less than three weeks!"

Kanan hauls back an instinctive arm to punch him, but then lets it drop back down to his waist. He doesn't take the swing, because as low as that particular blow had aimed, he is at least trying to be the better man - not to mention the actual adult in the room in ongoing conversation. Which means he can’t afford to let himself get played by a kid who is actively begging for Kanan to hit him.

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Как сказано-то! )
the Ezra Bridger who stole the crate from us in the markets the other day isn’t as real or as powerful as the Ezra Bridger who helped us rescue the Wookies
Из фанфика )

@темы: Those Lucas Heirs, Nothing and everything




Sabine:Follow my lead

Ezra: wait … Just …. how this work

Fenn Rau: Is that Ezra ?!

Kanan: i don’t know him

Another mando: Jedi, is this your Padawan?

Kanan: Most of the time.


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Ну вот, гифок наделали уже! :lol: #kanan stop flirting with your wife in the middle of a war zone#but actually don't because I love it

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I can relate (c) ))))

Вот эта серия была fun, точно! )) Разнообразная. )

Пересматривать сезон что-то не тянет, но концепцию рассмотреть поближе было бы любопытно. Наблюдения вырисовываются довольно забавные, а если еще учесть невеселый 7 эпизод... Нет, хватит философствовать, спать! ))) Ждем следующую серию!

@темы: Nothing and everything



Айой. Блин. БЛИН! Балда. ))) Центром любой ЗВ истории всегда будут джедаи - и те люди, которые обладают безграничным сочувствием к другим. Остальные не обязаны вызывать к себе расположение зрителей. Даже Гера, как ни странно!

Ну да, Филони-то действительно не мог сместить фокус. Вот уж кто настоящий ученик Лукаса. )))) И правда же. Просто в этом третьем сезоне слишком много всего воспринимается мозгами, слишком далеко один акцент отстоит от другого, да и сами джедаи в раздрае, вот и кажется, что все не так в истории. Опасно, гениально и главное - изумляет, как этого вообще можно было добиться! )))

@темы: Nothing and everything



Отличная серия с Молом, простая/линейная, не слишком насыщенная, но значимая, всего в меру. А эта снова выверенная! Да что ж такое. Может, главзлодей так влияет на сюжет, но не на подачу же? Атмосфера решительно amiss, зрителя вовлечь забыли. У меня все из головы не идет пятая серия Войн Клонов, о которой я теперь имею вон тот суперский фанфик, кстати. То есть, она из головы не идет не у одной меня. Генерал Сато сделал то же, что и Хэви. Хэви ничем не отличался от своих товарищей в белой броне, мы его как личность заметили хорошо если за полминуты до, хм, окончания его существования и ничегошеньки еще не знали о клонах как явлении, а по башке-то как дало. Фактически, эта пятая серия открыла нам офигенский клономир! Сато мы знаем сколько, два сезона?

Но... видится мне в этом ребелсовском сюжете и расчет. Цель создания явно какая-то другая. Не могу вот только ее вычислить, акценты расставлены как-то неочевидно... Понятно, что они хотят тщательную линию выстроить и ничего не запороть при условии временных ограничений на серию. Но это не может быть определяющим в истории такого масштаба!

@темы: Nothing and everything



Суперская деталька, в ранних сезонах Эзра никогда не переодевался для сна.

Вот это меня в Эзре - и этой серии - поразило, что именно у Эзры остается большой потенциал для... маневра, что ли. Захотел, надо - сделал, пошел и спер кораблик. Во втором сезоне Эзра был еще маленький, в третьем до того - слишком проблемный, а тут потенциал раскрывается на полную. Становится наконец похож на себя первосезонного! ) Если это действительно 1В так проявляется... супер же. Просто супер. :heart:

Откровенно говоря, трусиха как я есть, я так и не посмотрела эту серию. ^^ Страшно. Филони прекрасен, но местами tight и умеет незаметно так ездить теркой по самому мягкому. А учитывая, что это то единственное, о чем я мечтала и думала, что это совершеннейший нонсенс... В общем, here we go, поехали. ^____^

Вот теперь жалею, что не посмотрела в свое время. Такой Эзра очень бы меня грел. ) Интересно, что Канан скажет, бедолага. :смеется:

@темы: Nothing and everything

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