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Now, this part is very important: there was a Princess, like in every story. The Child, the Padawan and the Master, they had met her at the very beginning, to help her save her planet.
And for a while, there was peace and everything was alright for the Princess.
But then, bad men tried to kill her and so, the Jedi sent her two bodyguards.

Of course they were the Master and the Padawan, sweety. The Padawan really liked the Princess and he was very happy to be sent with her to her planet to help protect her, while his Master was searching for the bad men.
Except, you know what? The Ghost decided to be his usual, troublesome, meddling self.

Now, while ghosts cannot always touch things or people, this one was very clever and very gifted. And he was very, very good with electronics.
He changed the coordinates inside the ship computer and, instead of going to the Princess' homeplanet... they went to the Padawan's.

Why did he do it? Well, I told you that the Padawan dreamt of saving his Mother, right? And she was living there, and she was in danger.
So, the Padawan and the Princess, they rescued her. Yes, it's always better when the Princesses do the rescuing, I agree.


But it was somehow funny that, of all the Legions to be haunted, and of all the ghost to do said haunting, it was the 501st getting saddled with a motherhen for a ghost.
Sometimes, Rex wondered if the most level-headed being in their entire group was, ironically, the dead one.

Это Рекс его в этом фанфике еще живым не видел! :ухохатывается:

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Начальник полиции такая помесь Мейса Винду с Ральфом. )))) Он же держит эту папку с делом выдры в один-единственный скудненький листочек, но в конце концов жалеет зайку и назначает ей парковку. Еще бы ему не разозлиться, когда она стребовала-таки с него это тупиковое дело, да еще и выставила это так, будто он ее в сторону задвинул! :laugh:

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:ругается: :неприличными словами:

“You know,” he said, regarding her thoughtfully, “Anakin was my Padawan for eleven years and I never once had to aid him in fleeing a death sentence handed down by the Republic High Court." His airy gesture encompassed their surroundings. "You appear to have outdone him rather dramatically.”

A beat of silence, and then her blue eyes widened as she parsed his meaning. “Master – you’re here to get me out?”

He pulled out the keycard he’d hidden up his sleeve. “Assuming you want to leave. The décor is rather charming.”

Ahsoka was already on her feet. “I didn’t find it particularly appealing,” she said with a dubious glance at the gray ceiling. Then, with a touch of sarcasm and the barest hint of relief, “So the Council decided not to let me die after all?”

“Actually, last I spoke with them, they were proving rather obstinate on that particular point.”

“Then why are you – ” A small frown of confusion. “I mean, the rest of the Council knows you’re here, don’t they?”

“Does the rest of the Council know I’m in the Central Detention Center, about to break a convicted felon out of Republic custody?” Obi-Wan raised his eyebrows. “I may have forgotten to inform them of this particular upcoming event when last we convened.”

She froze, startled. “Chissk, Master Obi-Wan. You – ”

“Mind your language, young one, we’re in a government establishment.”

Ну конечно он не сказал никому о Сатин! Это ж такой... Оби-Ван.


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‘The Sith has done this- that being has taken the light of the force and corrupted it until all that is left is darkness and power. The force has no influence over such a being or it’s actions.’
Простая, но свежая точка зрения.

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Ну все, клен зацвел. Весна!!

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У меня новый любимый автор.

The Twilight landed and the ramp lowered below. I watched Obi-Wan descend and head towards me. A flashy looking gold plated protocol droid followed. This thing belonged to someone filthy rich, I thought as I rolled my eyes, this was a military ship, not a high class hotel. I hoped that this senator was not going to expect white tablecloths and jeweled goblets. I looked forward to seeing Anakin make jokes about her the way he did about Obi-Wan when he was acting too ‘civilized’.

Then I saw Anakin, walking side by side with the woman I recognized from her hologram. She was small, much shorter than Master. Her clothes were not fancy, but were obviously expensive, and to judge from her droid, she could be ostentatious. Her skin was clear and her features fine. She had large dark eyes and dark hair wound into an elaborate beaded hairstyle. She walked like royalty. I felt a twinge of jealousy when I saw Anakin escorting her like a gentleman while his droid Artoo followed her off the ship like a devoted pet.
When they reached us, Anakin waved his arm at Master Plo, “Senator, you already know Master Plo Koon of the Jedi Council.”

Master Plo bowed slightly and took her hand, “It is a pleasure to see you again, your highness, we met after the liberation of Theed.”

“Kontuya, tchin se,” she said in perfect Dornish, “Master Koon, it is good to see you. But no need for the formality, I’m just a senator now.” She smiled widely with a row of perfect teeth.

“One would be doing you a great disservice to suggest that you were ‘just’ anything,” Master Plo was practically fawning. It was a strange thing to see.

“Senator Amidala, please allow me to introduce my padawan, Ahsoka Tano,” Anakin stretched out his hand with a formal flourish. I had never seen him act so politely or seem so nervous.

“Hello, it’s good to finally meet you,” she reached out her hand and I shook it. Her gloves were the softest leather I’d ever touched. “Anakin tells me such wonderful things about you.”

When did he ever do that, I wondered. Actually, when did he ever have time to tell her anything? Anakin and I hadn’t been back to Coruscant since we’d met.

“The senator is one of our oldest friends,” Obi-Wan smiled at her. “Although she has a habit of getting herself into trouble. Case in point, today. We really must stop meeting only when your life is in danger,” he joked to her.

She flashed the winning smile again. Suddenly I was really envious. Everyone was falling all over themselves, as much as Jedi could, for this silly senator with the gold plated droid. She was poised and gracious as you’d expect someone to be if they had a lifetime of diplomatic training. I bet she wore silly outfits, Naboo politicians were known for their crazy fashions.


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Оу йе щит.

As far back as I could remember at the Jedi Temple, a place that was supposed to be dedicated to humility, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker were famous. Obi-Wan had killed a real Sith Lord when he was still a padawan. This was when I was a new youngling at the Temple. All of the younglings had read his file in the Jedi archives. Under his trials, the file actually says, “Defeated a Sith Lord in combat,” no joke. We small younglings used to make up stories about Siths to scare each other. Every story would end the same way, Obi-Wan Kenobi would jump in to defeat the Sith and save the day. The young Jedi were in awe of Master Kenobi and we were all jealous of his padawan.

Rumor was that Obi Wan’s padawan was somehow special, but that was never mentioned above a whisper. The few times I had seen Anakin Skywalker at the temple, he didn’t even act like a kid. He was only six years older than me, but he always seemed to be as serious as the adults. I actually think he only spoke to adults. Anakin spoke to Masters and even Council Members who few padawans would dare address.

It would be easy to dislike someone who acted so self-important, but the problem was, he lived up to his reputation. He grew up tall and handsome. He was brilliant at practically every Jedi art. Every temple droid had a story about a time that Anakin had fixed them. His light saber demonstrations were attended by nearly everyone at the temple. At every demonstration, Anakin was accompanied by his brilliant master, Obi-Wan, beaming with pride as he received the congratulations and compliments of the crowd.

Even people outside the Jedi Order knew who Anakin was. Once, when Anakin was competing in a competition as a kid, the Supreme Chancellor of the Senate came and watched. I heard that the Chancellor was so proud when Anakin won that he personally congratulated the Jedi Council on him.

When the war began, Obi-Wan and Anakin became the poster boys for the war effort practically from the first engagement on Geonosis. They were the brave Jedi who had taken on Count Dooku, the detective who had uncovered the plot by the Separatists and the brave padawan who had lost his arm in service of the Republic! The Supreme Chancellor himself paid for a new arm to be crafted for Anakin in gold, or at least that was the story.

Однако, очень credible версия событий. Или мне все, что не учитывает страшнейшие Оби-хроники "Ученик джедая", кажется разумным? ))) Не удивлюсь, потому что канонно мыслящих авторов очень и очень мало.

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Павлин - профессиональная хУзяюшка. Купил для яиц майонез. Яйца закончились, майонез остался. Теперь у меня картошка, обжаренная с майонезом, курица, замаринованная в майонезе и макароны в майонезном соусе.

Бойтесь меня, короче.

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Олл ю нид ис флааАафф... (с)

Once Jinn was onboard the ramp closed. A young man maybe a little older than Finn and a little younger than Ren came out from the cockpit.

“Master, this is more people than just one boy,” the man said. There was something familiar about this man. Something comforting and yet not quite right. Finn figured it out in a flash.

“Are you Obi-Wan Kenobi?” Finn asked.

The young man tipped his head. His haircut was really strange, with the fuzzy almost-Stormtrooper regulation cut, a very long braid and a long tail. Who let their hair grow like that?

“I am,” the man said. His accent made so much more sense. Finn grinned.

“It’s really great to meet you, Sir,” Finn said.

“Sir, really?” Ren scoffed. “If you’re going to be that pathetic, shouldn’t you at least go full force and call him ‘Master Kenobi’?”

“For your information,” Finn said, feeling a certain level of triumph because he knew Ren didn’t know the truth. “I am as excited to meet Rey’s grandfather as you are to meet your own.”

Ren’s smug expression quickly turned to shock and then something akin to horror. Jinn looked like he wanted to bury his face in his hands and never come out again.

“I’ve missed something,” Obi-Wan Kenobi said.


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[21:22:51] Джейди-тян: scontent-mxp1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/18056858_...
[21:23:43] Rielite Ri: (happy) ты знаешь, какую эта фраза ответственность налагает НА МЕНЯ?!
[21:24:08] Джейди-тян: :lol:
[21:24:29] Rielite Ri: работать, Мишка, работать и работать!!!
[21:25:13] Джейди-тян: /делает под шкафом ремонт, чтобы прятаться под ним с бОльшим комфортом/

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“Wherever colored Easter eggs are displayed, images of a rabbit are likely to accompany them. Children are told that the Easter Rabbit lays the eggs, for which reason they are, in some countries, hidden in a nest in the garden. The strangeness of the association disappears when we remember that the date of the feast is determined by the time when the moon first becomes full after the spring equinox, and that the rabbit, which has from time immemorial been a symbol of fertility, is representative of the moon-goddess, Luna, which was worshipped annually at a date coinciding with the Easter festival".

Ыыыы?.. В Европе тоже традиционны лунные кролики?.. *speechless*

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Пришло на почту.

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Долго думал, что за майкрософт. С большим трудом сделал логическую догадку, что это скайп. То есть, я так понимаю, они без моего ведома слили в единую базу данных кучу разных сервисов, и еще потом оказывается, что не могут секюрити обеспечить?.. Идиоооооты. :facepalm:

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The Galaxy figures out Anakin and Padme are married and have twins near the end of the Tatooine campaign. Not that they were hiding it, mind you, but it certainly doesn’t help that Hack Squad has set up several holomedia accounts and groups for clone brothers to post and share photos and stories and keep in touch with each other. Several of the troopers have holo cameras and like taking pictures of their Jedi General goofing off and being something other than a stoic Jedi. One 501st trooper in particular, CT-9779, has innocently and enthusiastically connected with a few people on the holonet who are not members of the GAR and that’s how it starts.

A single holo of Anakin embracing Padme and his children in front of beautiful desert sunsets goes viral without warning. CT-9779 has tagged the holo which makes any denial by Padme or Anakin of their relationship utterly futile.

(#nofilter #sunset #amateurphotographer #moseisley #anakinlovespadme #jediknight #senator #naboo #loveacrossthestars #knownforever #soromantic #lifegoals #bestcoupleever #bestgeneralever #fightme #501rulz #whyisntshechancelloryet #twins #notclones #theymightaswellbe #millionsofuncles #toomanyhashtags #tatooineliberation #endslavery #huttssux #sarlaccwellfed #notdoneyet)

#millionsofuncles, да.


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1) Видел в магазине аксолотлей!!! Такие беленькие подводные чибики. Вот только они разве не вырастают в ящерок? :хихикает: Покупал одно, развелось другое! )))

2) А смотрел на аксолотлей я потому, что ходил искал себе высокий горшок для эффектного цветка. Одним глазом когда-то заметил такие красивые высотой в метр, пластиковые, но серые, словно под камень. Ага, где моя губозакаточная машинка, больше 40 евро штука!.. Как им не стыдно выдумывать такие цены. %) Остановил свой выбор на белом попроще.
И еще там пальма сдохла!! Была такая огромная как две меня за тысячу евро, смотрю, отставлена в угол, с нее свисает два хилых сухих опахала. Слышал я вроде, что они отращивают макушки снова... :с сомнением:

3) Перепутал даты и обнаружил, что фарш мой уже проникся пикантным запахом, а я уже и хлебушек замочил для фрикаделек, и лучок нарезал. :lol: Пришлось добавлять еще много хлеба и жарить. Так павлин изобрел клецки. :facepalm::sunny:

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Cмотрел бы и смотрел.

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Два дня в дракончиках не был. Думаю, дай загляну, 53 минуты, как раз успеваю к новому вбросу. Обновил страничку раз, другой...

Сырный дракон!!!!

Блин. )))))

Сан пойдет ночью меня грабить, не иначе! :lol::lol::lol:

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Ого, прям открытка.

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1) Как хорошо, что мы не в тропиках! Там очень смешные цветастые птицы, но как же они пронзительно вопят! Это я поглядел немножко камеру с манакинами, такие крошечные пушистики, в Панаме живут. Но слушать это все просто невозможно. )))

2) Доредактировал Мишке рассказ на конкурс! У нее есть большой шанс напечататься. :rotate:

3) Как приятно, когда фанфик с описанием What if the prequels had a plot? In which Anakin gets a believable character arc, and it all makes sense, to an extent имеет всего 50 просмотров и ни одного респекта. :ржет:

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1) Узнал сегодня, что в реке Ганг живут микроорганизмы, которые могут за полчаса убить любые бактерии, именно потому индийцы считают ее святой - они просто не успевают отравиться. Впечатлился неимоверно.

2) Вспомнил гоночки! С переездом совсем про них забыл, потом пошли Ребелсы и фанфики, мне даже на форуме играть некогда, какие уж там игры! :laugh: Создал новый профиль, заново коплю золотые медальки, классно. Люблю вещи, где нужна концентрация внимания. :sunny: Хотя вообще по жизни я скорее рассеянный, ошибаюсь постоянно по недосмотру, а моя память вошла в поговорки. ))))

3) Много работаю, но вау, внезапно успеваю все дома (никогда такого не было). Всегда надо больше спать, думать о себе в первую очередь и отдыхать больше, чем работать!

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Jar Jar Binks and Queen Julia of Bardotta enjoy a nice picnic

Это описание фанфика. :задумчиво:

:глубокомысленно: Хуже только Pong Krell has returned from the Dead with vampiric powers.

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Jedi Galaxy