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Тайм-тревел всегда хороши, а уж если в прошлое возвращается мудрый Бен, то это вообще отпад. Но я удивляюсь, как народ вообще может так легко передавать мудрость?..

"In light of what is about to come, Masters," Obi-Wan says at the end. "I would like to propose Anakin Skywalker for the Knights Trials."

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@темы: Those Lucas Heirs


Из-за использования низких радиочастот солнечная радиация от нас дальше, чем в шестидесятые... потрясающе.

In other words, thanks to VLF, we now have anthropogenic (or human-made) space weather.

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Блин, это самый счастливый фанфик, что я читал! )))

Hevy, Echo, and Fives are very amused at how awed Cutup and Droidbait are towards the officers. They keep casting knowing looks at Cutup, who wants to punch them all (especially Hevy, who’d only known the officers for two kriffing hours before he’d died, so why the kriff is he acting so smug?), but Droidbait is all wide-eyed amazement, and makes no effort to hide it. At least Cutup is being subtle. Cody seems amused by it, too, very much aware of Droidbait’s impressed gaze.


Cutup grins. Force forbid Echo ever take a few minutes to truly rest. Naturally he would come up with a plan.

“Let’s hear it, Echo,” Cody replies. Cutup nearly grins again. Cody remembering their names is just making Cutup admire him more.

Fives elbows him and leans closer to whisper in his ear.

“Careful now, Cutup. We’re 501st, not 212th. Don’t get too attached. You haven’t even met Rex yet.”

Cutup scowls and swats him away. If Rex is anything like Cody, Cutup thinks he’ll happily settle for either one.


Five’s expression is resigned. Echo sits up straighter.

“I know I can help, sir. This isn’t going to easy, and I’ll die before I abandon my brothers to face something like this alone.”

“Well said, trooper. That’s the kind of attitude I look for in a man,” a hoarse voice contributes. Every head snaps around to watch as Captain Rex gets to his feet.

“Sir!” Fives snaps, and straightens to attention. Echo’s eyes go wide, and he stares at the Captain as if Rex has just told him that the war is over. Cutup exchanges a smirk with Droidbait. Now who’s fawning over the officers?

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Domino Squad просыпается у себя в родном бараке на Камино и делится воспоминаниями, как воевали и умирали. %))

And there’s the real problem. Fives is scared. He knows it’s real, just as the rest of them do, but he also has a point.

At the end of the day, in the eyes of the Republic, they’re just numbers. Who’s going to listen to them?

“I dunno,” Hevy says bluntly, and stands. “But we have to try. I, for one, am not going to make the same mistakes twice. We’re all going to live.”

When Hevy says it like that, Echo believes him.

“We’re going to live,” Droidbait repeats determinedly. He stands, too, clasping a hand over Hevy’s shoulder. “If anyone can do it, we can. We’re stubborn, remember?” He casts a nervous smile at Fives and Echo. “Besides, we’ve got two ARC troopers on our team, now. We’re practically unstoppable!”

Моя коллекция Best Fic Ever пополняется! :love:

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Chewbacca roared a remark to the effect that he could have told Rey that would happen, and also that if Luke didn’t treat his sister properly, he (Chewbacca) would personally remove his (Luke’s) remaining flesh arm at the socket and beat him with it.

R2-D2 burbled a response along the lines of just fucking try it, you walking hairball, he’s mine to torture.

Luke began to look put-upon.

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Это тоже гениальное начало! :love:

The first thing Luke said to Rey wasn't 'who are you', or 'why are you here', or even 'you should have commed ahead, I'd have put the kettle on'. All of these things would have made more sense than what he did say, which was:
"You're kin."
"Sorry," said Rey, outstretched handful of lightsaber wavering. "What?"
Luke ignored the lightsaber. "You're kin," he said, and pushed the lightsaber aside very gently, peering into Rey's face with blue eyes that could see out the other side of the stratosphere. "But I don't understand how."
"Would you like your lightsaber back?" Rey asked. It was not really a question, and neither was the way she shoved it at him.
"It's no longer my lightsaber," Luke said tranquilly. "Nor is it the most important or the most interesting question at hand."
"What in all the nine galactic hells do you expect me to do with a spare lightsaber?" Rey demanded, waving it at him.
"Use it," Luke said obliquely. "When necessary." He leaned back a little, and squinted. "You're not Han's daughter."
"I - no! No, I'm bloody not!"
"Or Leia's," Luke pursued.
Rey passed beyond the point of speech, and into indignant sputtering noises.
"And I would know if you were mine."
"Thank you very much!"
"But the fact remains." Luke paced a small circle, grey cloak floating out behind him. "You are kin to me. And I don't know how."
"Well, that makes two of us!" Rey yelled, flinging her arms wide in frustration and nearly throwing Luke Skywalker's legendary lightsaber off a cliff.
Luke stopped pacing and eyed her quizzically.
Rey pointed the lightsaber at him, fairly shaking with rage. Was this the Resistance's saviour? The wielder of untold power? The dealer of life and death? The most brilliant pilot the galaxy had ever boasted? An old man in a grey cloak on an island, fixating on the family of a know-nothing scavenger with a spark or two of the Force?
Was this what she'd hunted across a galaxy to find - what General Organa had searched for and Poe surrendered his freedom for?
"You," she said, and fought to get her emotions under control. "You - You are."
"Yes?" Luke said mildly.
"General Organa said I should smack you for her when I saw you," Rey said, through gritted teeth. "I'm beginning to understand why."
Luke smiled, and pulled his cloak up against the oncoming rain. "Leia has such a way with words," he said. "You snarl like she does. Come and have a cup of berry leaf tea."

Канон. :lol:

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[10:00:38] Rielite Ri: принц. а принц. а что у тебя за мания к туфельке? тебя совсем не интересует все остальное, что к этой туфельке прилагается?!
[10:01:09] Джейди-тян: Нет!
[10:01:25] Rielite Ri: ]: ) я польщена
[10:01:26] Джейди-тян: Я пока не помню, кто там к ней прилагался!
[10:01:34] Rielite Ri: ]: ) ]: ) а как же сон?!
[10:01:37] Rielite Ri: ты не веришь в сны?!
[10:01:55] Rielite Ri: "Туфелька. Найди Туфельку!.."
[10:01:56] Джейди-тян: Кому туфлЯ подойдет, на той и женюсь. Канон+
[10:02:04] Rielite Ri: ]: ) зараза
[10:02:27] Rielite Ri: ...тоже канон.

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She stalked through the abandoned halls of the Citadel toward the nearest exit she could remember, willing herself to slow enough to keep from knocking him off of his feet, with nearly half his weight resting on her shoulders and leaning against her side.
Damn him.
He'd given her back both of her fathers, only for her to witness both of their deaths.
He'd betrayed her, and then confessed his crimes and come to her in penitence, offering his assistance.
He'd had so many chances to leave her behind – so many times when leaving her behind would have made more strategic sense, would have given him a better chance of survival. Yet he came back for her again and again.
Even here, on the tower.
He fell. And still he came back.

Сложновато их писать, полагаю. Над фильмом-то проделана ювелирная работа.

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А неплохое начало истории! ))

“Copy you, Rogue One. We'll get it done.”

The signal went dead, and Bodhi Rook smiled. He'd done it. “This is for you, Galen,” he murmured to himself. For the first time since Bor Gullet, the thought of Galen Erso did not stir unwanted images or memories in his mind. At last he was at peace with the man who had so dramatically altered his life. He hoped that wherever he was now, Galen had also found peace.

Now to prep for evac. The team would need him soon.

He rose to head toward the ladder to the cockpit when he heard a voice, calm and clear. “Turn around. Get ready to catch.”

Too shocked to do anything but comply, Bodhi spun in time to see a small metal cylinder flying toward him. On instinct he crouched and dove, his hands outstretched, and grasped the cylinder from air.

Bodhi felt himself on the streets of NiJedha again, a boy playing ball with his friends. He couldn't keep the ball. He had to throw it toward the goal. He'd always had a good arm.

With a move trained by countless games, he propelled the cylinder out of the shuttle. His memory-addled brain only recognized it as a grenade when it exploded just before hitting the cluster of service equipment some 15 meters beyond the shuttle ramp.

He felt the heat on his skin and smelled his hair singing before crashing to metal floor with rib-cracking force.

He groaned. He hurt. That meant he was still alive.

“Get ready to fly,” said the same voice heard earlier – a voice he finally recognized.

Grunting in pain he sat up, “Chirrut?” But the blind Guardian was nowhere to be seen.

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Obi-Wan: If you want the Council’s approval, you need to stop all…this.

Anakin: You just gestured to all of me.


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Зе Бест Форс Гхост Тайм-Тревел Фик ЭВЕР


‘Oh, for Force’s sake’, the light muttered. ‘You heard that?’

“Yes?” Leia said. “Are there… are there two of you?”

As if she had only needed to ask, a second light appeared next to the first, flickering and weak at first, but growing stronger by every second.

‘Oh’, it said, and its voice was clearer now – familiar too, though it brought a strange feeling to her chest.

‘Oh?’ the first sprite said with, Leia realized in shock, a fair amount of sarcasm. ‘Oh? That’s all you have to say?’

‘Well, that pretty much sums it up’, the second light grumbled. It sounded old, and Leia was now half certain that it was male, too.

‘I can’t kriffing believe this’, the brighter one said. ‘Why, in the name of the Force, did I think following you was in any way a good idea? You’d think after all this time picking up the pieces of your family’s mess, I should know better by now!’

‘Oh, quit whining, Ke-‘

The first light suddenly moved towards the other one, which yelped under the shock. It looked like two fireflies headbutting, Leia thought.

‘Shut it! She can’t know.’

“What can’t I know?” Leia asked, lowering the blaster just a little.

‘If I say you can’t know’, Sprite 1 huffed, ‘you realize I’m not going to tell you.’

It was logical, Leia admitted. It was also unacceptable. She turned to Sprite 2, who was weakly twisting in the other’s immaterial embrace, trying to wrench itself free.

“What is this about? What are you? Who are you? Answer me, now!”

Sprite 2 turned its blob of light towards the other one, with a strangely universal body language despite its lack of a body.

Sprite 1 sighed deeply, a tendril of blueness coming to rub where its head would be if it had one.

‘Look, Leia’, it said with a sadness that reminded her of someone, ‘we mean you no harm. But we shouldn’t be here. And anything you hear can… put you in danger.’

Leia was going to explain to the apparition that danger didn’t exactly make a difference in her life right now, but the other thing was faster.

‘What the hell are you rambling about?’ Sprite 2 angrily said, whizzing away from its companion. ‘We are here for her. We came back for…’

‘It’s too far! Can’t you see?’ the bright one hissed. ‘Look at her! Look around! Do you know where we are?’

‘Good puzzle’, the other snorted. ‘Given the ice packing out of the wall and the heater snoring like a sick Bantha, I’d guess… Tatooine?’

‘Oh, I’ve had it with your attitude.’

Leia would have laughed if she wasn’t so wary. The pair reminded her of an old bickering couple; it was getting more and more certain that they weren’t here to harm her, despite the suddenness of their arrival and the strangeness of the entire thing.

Still, she didn’t like being ignored.

She coughed loudly, trying to remind the two flickering things of her presence.

‘It’s where she led us!’

‘No, it’s where the bloody dark side led us! We don’t know if it was her, or if something just took the opportunity to alter things even further! We cannot stay here!’


‘No but! Look at her! She’s still fighting the Empire here!’

“I am”, Leia said with increasing irritation. “But I can spare a shot for the two weird holiday lights bickering above my bed.”

И вообще про Лейю хороших мало!

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[10:58:14] Джейди-тян: Я бы простила ему его гордость, не задень он мою.
Джейн Остин «Гордость и предубеждение»
[10:58:17] Джейди-тян: Павлин?))


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Мда. Это был эпичный момент - когда понимаешь, что окончательно :love: героя, а тут такой... момент.

Ладно, что уж там. Наблюдения до этого момента:

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Ачивка "Поймай Гхост" - сделано!!! :jump2:

@темы: Nothing and everything


Ачивка "поймай Чоппера" - done! Он даже побурчать в кадре успел!!

@темы: Nothing and everything


Опять много! )))

Некоторые вещи хочется пересматривать из-за запутанных отношений, некоторые - из-за хитрого сюжета, некоторые из-за умных создателей, Изгоя - за ощущения.

Но ладно, идем дальше.
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:укатился с утра пораньше:
Trooper Bowling is an ancient and honourable Lasat sport.

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I'll be right behind you - это что, в каждой истории фраза повторяться будет? ))

Из чего сделан Бодхи, а? Камни с мокрого обрыва сыплются, Кассиан тяжело дышит, нервничает, а Бодхи как козлик горный, ему пофик на все. )) Хотя Кас нервничает ж не от высоты!

Этот ненормально серьезный взгляд, когда Кассиан откладывает винтовку, мой у него любимый!!

Традиционно тупой штурмовик, пытающийся в залитом водой шлеме разглядеть Джин в сантиметрах от себя, радует безмерно! )))))

У Чиррута есть Сила, он просто не обучен.

Папа сиииильный у Джин! Вдохновил всех Изгоев через дочку! х)

Well done. You're a rebel now. Бодхи получает уверенность в себе от дроида!!!!!! хдддд

Ну вот и конфликт раскрылся во всей красе, Джин против Кассиана, правильная девочка против много на себя берущего мальчика. :большое сердечко: Классика жанра.
"Кто-нибудь еще?" (с) Кассиан. ))))))

Оу МАЙ. ЭКСТРА (ТМ). На этом, пожалуй, и закончим сегодня. %))))

@темы: Nothing and everything

Jedi Galaxy